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Here at Llyn Sundecks we have a huge selection of styles, colours, finishes and accessories for you to choose from. Our systems are so versatile that we can move them, adapt them or extend to them at any time should you wish to do so.

  • Our Sub frames – As with all structures a critical factor is the quality of its foundation. Llyn Sundecks can offer you two different sub frame options. Galvanised steel or treated timber.
  • Galvanised Steel – With a galvanised steel sub frame your deck will not warp, crack or twist and is engineered to last. This creates an extremely strong base that is durable and non flammable.

    Treated Timber – This is an alternative and cheaper option to galvanised steel but again creates a solid base and foundation for your deck.

    In this section:

  • Deckboard Options
  • Balustrade Styles
  • Skirting and Storage
  • Accessories
  • Gallery Our completed projects gallery

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